Keeping a consistent tab of your donor data along with your social media efforts is an excellent way to realize your donation goals through a social media strategy. Tracking key metrics like donor demographics, their gift size for a particular campaign, or identifying your top donors helps you target the right people for a given cause.

Not only this, when all this data is put together in one consistent dashboard, it is impossible to miss important information that needs quick action.

So How to Connect Your DonorPerfect Account to Hopeful?

Before you begin: Make sure you have the API key for your DonorPerfect account. You can reach out to the DonorPerfect support to access the valid API key. This is important for added security for donors giving to your cause.

To Connect your DonorPerfect Account to Hopeful, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Sign in to the Hopeful dashboard and point to the 'My Accounts' section on the left corner.

Step 2: Under 'Connect your Accounts', click on 'Connect DonorPerfect Account.'

Step 3: Establishing connect between your DonorPerfect account and Hopeful needs one-step authentication. Enter your API Key and the organization's name to complete the final step.

Step 4: You will be redirected to the Hopeful dashboard and under the 'Connect Your Accounts' section you will see 'Connected to your DonorPerfect.'

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