When any of your social accounts are disconnected, Hopeful will be unable to publish your posts on that network. Hopeful's analytics tools will be unable to gather data for that particular account until it's reconnected again. Read here why your social channels disconnect from the Hopeful platform.

How to know if social channels are disconnected from Hopeful?

When a social platform is disconnected, we will notify you in the following ways:

Reauthentication banner: When you or your team members log in to the Hopeful dashboard, you will see a reauthentication banner at the top of every page.

Email notification- Admins will also receive an email notification in their inboxes associated with the Hopeful platform. Follow the instructions in the email to see which accounts need reauthentication and take action. If you do not receive the Hopeful emails, make sure to check your spam folder and mark Hopeful as an identified and safe sender.

Before you begin: We recommend you log out of the social channel that you want to reconnect from your browser. Make sure you have the credentials (email and password) and admin access for the respective platforms you want to reconnect.

Reconnect your social media platform

Step 1: Sign in as an Admin user to the Hopeful dashboard and point to the 'My Accounts' section on the left corner.

Step 2: Under 'Connect your Accounts', click on the reauthentication button for the social platform that needs action. (For instance, in the picture below, a user's DonorPerfect account needs re-authentication). Use your credentials and re-authorize the connection to Hopeful.

Learn more about how to connect your social channels to the Hopeful dashboard.

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