When creating or editing a post on the Hopeful platform, you have the option of saving it as a draft. If for, any reason, you are unable to complete your social post or wish to give it a second thought, you can return to finish it later. Drafts also allow other team members to see your posts and comment or review it. Scheduled drafts are visible in the calendar view under the Publish tab.

There is no limit to the number of drafts you can create. Also, drafts do not expire unless you take action, i.e., either publish, schedule, or delete them.

Steps to Creating your Drafts

Step 1: Say, for instance, you are creating a Facebook post. Under the Publish section, click on 'Create new post.'

Step 2: Select your story and choose the date and time of when you want the post to get released. Type your content and upload a suitable image or video to go with it. Check out how to create social media posts.

Step 3: When you finish with your post, click on 'Save as drafts' to come back to it at a later time.

Deleting or Editing Drafts

Drafts appear in your monthly calendar on the dashboard. You may edit, delete or duplicate it any time.

Step 1: In the calendar view, hover over to the timestamp of the post that you want to delete. Hit the delete button to discard your draft.

Step 2: If you wish to duplicate this post to publish it multiple times, click on the duplicate button. You will have several versions of the same content. Though we do not recommend you to post similar content multiple times. Social media algorithms scrutinize every post that is published and may block your account either temporarily or permanently if you publish repetitive content.

Step 3: To edit or publish your post, click on edit. This will take you back to where you created this particular post. Here you can edit your post content, replace images or videos, or change the scheduled date and time. If there are no edits, simply click on publish or schedule depending upon the action you want to take.

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