There are multiple reasons why your Facebook posts might not get published through the Hopeful platform. Here are some of the common errors and ways to troubleshoot them.

Security Check

At times, when Facebook suspects that your account is at threat and your security is being compromised, it automatically triggers a security check on login. In this case, you need to complete the security check before you or Hopeful can push any content out. Sign in to your Facebook account and follow the instructions mentioned there. When your Facebook account gets restored, you can once again reconnect it to Hopeful. Go through the list of Facebook security FAQs to keep your account safe.

In certain situations, Facebook identifies your account as "Unconfirmed" and communicates it to you as you try to log in or publish anything. Sign in to your account and take the necessary action that Facebook demands of you. When the issue gets resolved, reconnect the account to Hopeful to resume publishing. See how to reconnect a social account. (link)

Business Integrations Settings

When page permissions are not sufficient to publish on Facebook, your posts might fail to publish from the Hopeful platform. This means that Hopeful does not sufficient permissions to manage publishing on your behalf. Log in to your Facebook account and update these permissions in the 'Business Integrations' settings.

Flagged or Objectionable Content

3. Facebook's Community Standards concentrates on analyzing all content before it gets live on the feeds. This is to ensure that no form of abusive or spam content is published. In case you see this error, it means Facebook recognizes an element in your post that may not follow its policies. Doublecheck your text, images, videos, or links in the post to identify flagged or objectionable elements. You may also get link-related publishing errors if the URL is not properly formatted. Try publishing this link directly from Facebook to see if you get more information about the issue.

Privacy Policy

4. As a third party, Hopeful is subjected to Facebook's user privacy policy. Thus, the social network will not allow certain types of links to get published through our dashboard. You may publish the following types of links:

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