There are a couple of reasons why your Instagram posts might not get published through the Hopeful platform. Let's have a look at some of the common issues and steps to troubleshoot them.

Instagram has blocked your account

From copyright infringements to user complaints, there can be several reasons why Instagram can block your account. Sometimes, Instagram temporarily blocks your settings. In this case, wait until Instagram unblocks your account again. Make sure not to repeat the actions that blocked your account. Go through Instagram's Community Guidelines or Terms of Use to avoid the mistake. When your Instagram Business Account gets restored, reconnect it to Hopeful to resume publishing. See how to reconnect your social account. (Link)

Business Integrations Settings

Before you begin, make sure:

  1. You have an Instagram business profile (not a personal or creator profile).

  2. Your Instagram business account is connected to your NPO's Facebook Page. Read here to learn how to connect your organization's Facebook page and Instagram account.

  3. You have an Admin or Editor page role for the connected Facebook Page. Facebook's Manage Page roles article should help you.

When page permissions are not sufficient to publish on Facebook, your posts might fail to publish from the Hopeful platform. This means that Hopeful doesn't have all the permissions it needs to manage publishing on your behalf. Log in to your Facebook account and update these permissions in the 'Business Integrations' settings.

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