Below we have mentioned some of the common reasons why you may encounter Twitter publishing errors and steps to troubleshoot them.

Twitter suspends your account

In some situations like the ones mentioned below, your Twitter account gets suspended automatically.

1) When Twitter suspects your account is hacked

2) When you violate Twitter rules

Sign in to Twitter to understand what lead your account to get suspended. You should receive instructions on how to restore your account. Once your account gets restored, reconnect it to the Hopeful platform. See how to reconnect your social account here. (link)

Twitter locks your account

In extreme cases, your account may get locked, and you might be unable to publish Tweets. This can happen due to:

1) Violation of Twitter Rules or Terms of Service.

2) Detection that your account's security may have been compromised

Sign in to the Twitter account from another browser and follow the instructions to confirm that you are its valid owner. When your account is unlocked, reconnect it to Hopeful and resume publishing.

Duplicate Tweets

Twitter is very mindful of identical or nearly identical tweets. Before your tweets go live, Twitter compares the text of any new tweet with your recent tweets and checks for duplication. Check out Twitter's Platform manipulation and spam policy for more information. Make sure to avoid duplicating your tweets, and if you have to do so, then space them well apart over time.

Your Account has hit the Daily tweet limit

There is a limit to how many times you can Tweet per day. Twitter monitors this limit in small intervals of time throughout the day. The same holds true for the number of direct messages that you can send. So if you are using Twitter DMs for customer service, donation campaigns, etc., watch out for the number of messages you send. See Twitter’s help article About Twitter limits for more details.

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