Hopeful's intuitive dashboard offers you an easy, effective, and customizable tool to give more power to your fundraising initiatives. Now create fundraisers that matter to your audience, share them on social and build a community of more loyal supporters - all in just a few simple clicks.

Follow the steps below to create your next fundraising campaign through Hopeful.

Before you begin: Kindly note that your nonprofit's account should be connected to Stripe before you can start creating fundraisers. Click here to learn how to connect your Hopeful account to Stripe.

Sign in to your Hopeful account and point to the 'Fundraiser' tab on the top of the page. Click on 'Create new Fundraiser' at the right-hand corner to start crafting an engaging campaign for your donors.

The left section is for you (nonprofits) to feed all the necessary and desired information related to your campaigns. You can make it as customized as you want to, depending on the relevant donor data you wish to collect. The right-hand column reflects how donors will navigate the live campaign (more on that later). Follow the steps from top to bottom as shown below to get started.

The donation form is divided into three different tabs.

Describe how each contribution will create actionable impacts at different levels.

Collect relevant information to establish long-term relationships with your donors.

What will it be for the donors to contribute to the campaign?

The above screenshots show the step-wise navigation for donors when they click to donate to your fundraiser. Hopeful's fundraiser tool (powered by Stripe) helps them with a seamless navigation and donation checkout. Donors will be required to choose the contribution amount, enter their names, email addresses, and any other information you have asked for in the donation form before finally entering their card details.


Hopeful fundraisers are a safe and effective way to contribute to a cause, most notably because the platform does not retain donors' credit or debit card information. Also, it provides seamless navigation to your supporters by completing the contribution process on a single platform at one go. As a nonprofit, where a fundraising campaign is your top-notch priority, you get your donor's undivided attention and eventually more funds for your cause.

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